How to pass a drug test

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What Are the Ways Drug Testing can be performed?
There are four primary types or ways to obtain a drug sample: urine, hair, saliva, and blood. Most common to test for is the urine test which has the benefit of being inexpensive and less intrusive than the other drug tests.

Urine Drug Tests

  • Are the least expensive of the test methods
  • Can be done at home (for example by parents)
  • Detect use primarily within the past week (longer with regular use)
  • Can be affected by abstaining from use for a period of time before the test (Detection time table)
  • Are often temperature tested to insure sample integrity

Hair Drug Tests
  • Are considered the least intrusive method of drug screening
  • Are currently many times more expensive than the common urine drug tests
  • Detects substance use over a longer period
  • Do not usually detect use within the past week
  • Requires a sample of hair about the diameter of a pencil and 1.5 inches long - test cannot be done with a single hair
  • Test positive a little more than twice as often as a urine screen
  • Are not significantly affected by brief periods of abstinence from drugs
  • Can sometimes be used to determine when use occurred and if it has been discontinued
  • Claims to be able to reliably differentiate between opiate and poppy seed use

So how does hair drug testing work?, Let's delve into this a bit for better understanding. We'll use marijuana (THC) for our example since marijuana drug testing is by far and away the most popular test. When marijuana (THC) metabolites are in the blood, they'll end up in the blood vessels, including those in the head, and get filtered through the hair. In basic terms, at least, this is how hair drug testing comes about. The marijuana THC metabolites will remain in the hair as a permanent record of drug use for months. A hair drug test involves cutting 50-80 strands of hair from the base typically at the crown of the head. Minimum length of 1 inch is necessary or body hair such as face chest or underarm hair can be used. Hair drug testing can go back months, showing the toxins a person may have used in a time-line fashion. Masking hair is not realistic as the sample is washed to remove left in products or external contamination such as second hand smoke.


Saliva Drug Tests

  • Can be done at home (for example by parents)
  • Detect use primarily within the past week (longer with regular use)
  • Can be affected by abstaining from use for a period of time before the test

Saliva / oral fluid-based drug tests can generally detect use during the previous few days. Saliva or oral fluid based drug tests are becoming more prevalent because of their convenience, low cost and the recent adaptation of the FDA approved Intercept test can be given in-house on the job for pre-employment and random screenings, random, post-accident, reasonable suspicion, or return-to-duty testing.

Blood Drug Tests

  • Are considered the most intrusive method of testing
  • Are the most expensive method of testing
  • Are the most accurate method of testing
  • Are the least common method of testing (most likely due to cost)



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