Pass a Urine Test

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Pass a urine test
  • Additives: Add a chemical to disrupt the drug test

Great for random tests and easier to use than concentrated urine, additives are the most common method of defeating the urine test. Additives work in two different ways. Some act chemically to destroy toxins in the urine and some block the capability of the test to detect toxins in the urine.

We have tested several additives currently on the market and believe that and Urine Luck are the finest products being sold today. The products come in a 6 mL micro-vial about the size of a pinky finger, that is easilyUrine Luck concealed. It will destroy all toxins in a urine sample. It will work on the EMIT test or the GC/MS test. It will even destroy prescription medications, so you don't need to list prescription drugs you are taking. It is pH balanced. We believe these are the best additives on the market today. Independent laboratory tests have proved negative for all drugs. Both of these products have been on the market since 1993 and have helped many thousands of people pass their tests. The formulas are constantly changed to keep ahead of the bladder cops. We highly recommend these additives. Both carry a 200% money back guarantee from the manufacturers.

Only $24.99 per unit - 4Pak for $89.95. Pass a drug test

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Tips for taking the test: 

Whether you are using the additive or the Carbo Drinks you will want to drink as much fluid as possible a couple of days prior to the test. This is especially important for the Carbo drinks. Water, tea, soft drinks, etc. are fine. Drink 3 to 4 quarts of fluid. On the day of the test, cut back your fluid consumption to a normal level. Excessively diluted urine samples will cause suspicion.

Never give the testers your first urine of the day. Toxins build up overnight and are heaviest in the morning. If possible void the first and last portion of your urine stream into the toilet. Only catch the middle of your urine stream for the sample. This portion will have the lowest amount of toxins


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