Permanent Body Detoxification and Full Body Cleansing Solutions

Permanent Body Detoxification and Full Body Cleansing Solutions

Passing a drug test is made very simple with our Permanent Total Body Drug Detox. It is a four part system that produces the results you want and need in the very shortest period of time possible!

The Permanent Total Body Drug Detox Removal System known for years as the THC Maxout, is a real permanent detox that removes all toxins from the body. It includes a regiment of fluids, our herbal detoxifying precleanse capsules, the 2oz.liquid activator and our new toxin absorbingClick here to see what dirty detox foot pads look like Detoxification Foot Pads.

The Total Body Marijuana Detox System uses the blood system to reach all organs of the body. It contains herbs, roots, barks and minerals that are known lipids busters that actually break down the fat cells, where the toxins hide. This process completely eliminates the toxins that reside there.

The foot pads are a new addition to our complete cleansing system. The pads are worn on the bottom of the foot at night while you sleep. They work by drawing out toxins through the Lymphatic system while the body is prone and at rest. Therefore helping to eliminate toxins naturally from your body 24 hours a day. You will be absolutely amazed at what can be extracted from the bottom of your foot - through the skin.

We offer two Permanent Total Body Detoxification Systems to Pass your Drug Test with. These products work based on your age, body weight, metabolic rate and past usage history (quantity and quality of the pot) so when choosing this type of product, be fair and honest with yourself about your usage history. It will make it easier to determine which product is best for you. These products do exactly what we say they will do, limited only by your personal body physiology.

Drug testing is very discriminatory based on race. Don't let them discriminate against you. Our Total Cleansing System will remove all Marijuana (THC) and all Prescription Medicines from the body for any drug test.

Check out our Detox Diet that works very well with any of our detoxification products.

4 Day Program contains 100 Precleanse Capsules, one 2oz. bottle of Liquid Activator, one Free Test Kit of your choice and four Toxin Absorbing Foot Pads.4 Day Program

4 Day Program is good for bodyweights up to 180 lbs, marijuana usage history of 2x-3x per week will require 4 days of Permanent Total Body Toxin Removal System. Comes with one Free Test Kit of your choice $79.95    Click Here to buy Pass a Drug Test Products Buy 4 Day Detox Now

8 Day Program contains 200 Precleanse Capsules, one 2oz. bottle of Liquid Activator, two Free Test Kits of your choice and eight Toxin Absorbing Foot Pads.

The 8 Day Detox is for bodyweights over 180Lbs. but less than 250 lbs. and marijuana usage history of 4x-6x/wk. $159.95.8 Day Detoxification System

Complete step by step directions to pass your drug test with each product    Purchase Now


THC Maxout Total Body Detox Guarantee: Once you have done enough of the THC Maxout Total Body Detox to test negative (below 50ng/ml of body weight) for Marijuana metabolites with our test kits - We guarantee that you will stay clean forever or until your next encounter!

These products are not intended for use on lawfully administered drug tests and is to be used in accordance with all federal and state laws.




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