EDTA is used every day to help stabilize fats, oils, and vitamins

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So safe, it's FDA-APPROVED for use in baby food: Proven THREE TIMES SAFER than aspirin - used worldwide for 56 years without any significant side-effects ever reported!

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By James Cannon
Health News, Special Correspondent

The harmless-looking white powder you’re looking at could have been a death sentence for John — and a catastrophe for his grieving family.

Just hours ago, it was arterial plaque, clogging his circulatory system, restricting blood flow to vital organs, and setting the stage for heart and brain problems.

Left alone, it had the power to turn John — a living, breathing human being — into a fading memory — a mere statistic: One of the 960,000 Americans who will be killed by a clogged circulatory system this year.

Who knows? John might have been one of the fortunate ones and survived. This plaque might just have triggered a mild heart heart or brain problem, leaving him paralyzed or with diminished mental powers, but still alive.

Or, if he was really lucky, he might have escaped with a diagnosis of high blood pressure — and a lifetime sentence of drugs that may cause skin rashes, insomnia, depression, kidney damage and even rob him of his sexuality.

But now, this once-savage killer is as harmless as a teaspoon of sugar.

Because a few hours ago, John swallowed two, tiny capsules containing an amino acid so safe, that the United States Food and Drug Administration has approved it as an additive to baby food.

Almost immediately, it entered his bloodstream, seeking out, arresting and neutralizing the rogue calcium deposits that had super-glued this plaque to his artery walls.

Then, in an act of supreme irony, the very blood that this plaque had once blocked quickly swept it to his kidneys where it was unceremoniously evicted from John’s body as a component of urine.

There will be side effects.
Truly amazing ones!

Because you see, this remarkable amino acid did not just help remove plaque from John’s cardiac arteries. It helped scrub every one of the 75,000 miles of arteries, veins, capillaries, and microscopic arterioles in his body.

Now, nutrient-rich, lifegiving blood is coursing to places it hasn’t reached in years — or even in decades.

Entire organs — from his eyes and ears... to his heart, lungs and liver... to his stomach, pancreas, and intestines — and even to his sexual organs — are being revitalized and are returning to their normal functions...

Extremities — arms and hands, legs and feet — once cold, tingling and numb are now being warmed and sensitized by abundant supplies of life-giving blood...

Skin that was thinning and weakening with each passing year is regaining the smoothness, elasticity and youthful glow it had 10, 20, even 30 years ago...

And the patient’s body rallies, even the fatigue that began plaguing him after age 50 is giving way; replaced by deep reservoirs of vibrant new energy.

Four little letters
are saving John’s life.
They should be saving yours.

...So what is this miracle of nature?

...This 23-cent capsule that works the wonders that the world’s most expensive prescription drugs can’t?

Scientists call it “ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid.” But please don’t be put off by the fancy-schmancy jargon. The rest of us refer to it with four little letters: “E – D – T – A.”

EDTA, first synthesized in Germany in 1935, is a simple amino acid, very similar in composition to common household vinegar.

In medical studies, EDTA has been shown to be three times safer. In fact, EDTA is so safe for humans, the American Heart Association recommends massive direct intravenous injections as treatment for people who have been exposed to toxic levels of lead, mercury, aluminum, and cadmium.

More than 200,000 children in the U.S. have undergone chelation therapy as treatment for lead poisoning, for example.

And both the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) approve it for use in foods that are enjoyed by everyone from our youngest babies to our oldest seniors.

EDTA is used every day to help stabilize fats, oils, and vitamins... to keep potato products from turning brown... to keep fish and shellfish looking fresh in the supermarket...

...to preserve the flavor and consistency of milk products... preserve canned vegetables... keep beer from exploding in your face when you open the can... preserve the flavor of soft drinks... and much, much more.


When a doctor administers intravenous EDTA, the procedure is called “Chelation Therapy.” The word ”chelation” is taken from the Greek word for “claw” — the EDTA grabs and dispatches poisons from your body like an eagle’s claw grabs and dispatches a helpless field mouse.

In 1955, research conducted at the Providence Hospital in Detroit, Michigan found that EDTA also helps claw away rogue calcium in your joints, kidneys, the bones of your inner ear, and that glues cholesterol deposits to the inner walls of your arteries.

In fact, scientific studies have proven that EDTA is up to 82% effective at eliminating rogue calcium from plaque, causing clogs to soften, let go and be flushed away!

Put simply, chelation therapy is widely known to be a powerful remedy for — and protection against — heart, joint, kidney, and even hearing problems!

U.S. medical associations — including the American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM) are dedicated to training doctors in the use of chelation therapy to improve hardening of the arteries and other chronic degenerative issues.

As a result, U.S. doctors enthusiastically recommend EDTA chelation therapy to their patients. And chelation therapy is given to more than 1 million Americans and 3 million patients in Canada, Europe, Australia, and South America every year.

A healthier circulatory system
is the secret to a healthier body.

As millions of Americans and others around the world continue to use I.V. chelation therapy to remove toxic metals from their bodies and deadly plaque from their circulatory systems, something else is happening — something truly miraculous:

As toxins are removed... as circulatory systems are scrubbed clean... and as abundant supplies of life-giving blood begin surging throughout their bodies... both patients and doctors report that scores of dangerous, chronic, painful, and even deadly health problems simply vanish:

Blockages in the arteries feeding the heart and brain may be dramatically reduced and even eliminated...

High cholesterol, homocysteine, and blood pressure — key risk factors for heart and brain problems may be reduced to normal levels...

Irregular heart beats and palpitations can be reduced or eliminated...

Angina and general chest pains may be eased...

Edema (swelling of the lower legs and ankles) — a symptom of congestive heart problems — can be alleviated...

Chronic shortness of breath is eased or eliminated...

Cold, numb, and painful extremities can be warmed and soothed...

Paralysis due to heavy metals toxicity can be improved...

Infections due to a failing immune system may be less frequent or eliminated...

Enlarged prostates can shrink...

Varicose veins can fade or even vanish...

Insomnia can be replaced by deep, restful sleep...

Low energy may be replaced by deep wells of new energy...

Vision problems and “floaters” melt away, eyesight may improve...

Male impotence can be reversed...

Sciatica and excruciating back pain may be relieved...

Sexual sensation can intensify in both men and women...

Hearing loss due to calcium deposits in the ear can improve ...

Age-related cognitive decline, memory loss, and fading mental powers can be halted or reversed...

Skin problems and ulcers can be erased...

And much, much more!

Remarkable scientific breakthrough:
The astonishing power
of chelation therapy
is now in your hands!

Until recently, getting the full benefits of chelation therapy was uncomfortable, time consuming and expensive.

You had to take time out of your busy day... drive to the nearest chelation clinic... plop down into a chair... get poked with an I.V. needle... and sit there for up to three long hours while the EDTA was pumped into you.

When it was over, the nurse would hand you a bill for up to $300 — and then tell you that you still had nine more treatments... 27 more hours in the chair... and another $2,700-worth of treatments to go.

And as if the $3,000 bill for your first set of treatments wasn’t enough to break you, you discovered that you needed to come back in six months for another six treatments, another 18 hours in the chair and another $1,800 invoice!

The high price and inconvenience of chelation therapy put it out of reach for many Americans. But now, those days are gone for good — thanks to ENHANCED ORAL CHELATION capsules from Health Resources!

More than 100,000 delighted users of ENHANCED ORAL CLELATION
swear it's saving their lives!

Now, you can experience all the life-enhancing, life-saving miracles of chelation therapy...

With two small, easily swallowable capsules in the morning and two more in the evening...

Without needles...

In the comfort and privacy of your own home...

And for less than $1 a day!

More than 100,000 delighted users of ENHANCED ORAL CHELATION swear it’s saving their lives!

So please — don’t take my word for it. Listen to what actual USERS of ENHANCED ORAL CHELATION are saying...

“I suffer from carotid artery blockage (80%). My doctors sent me to surgery at over age 80. I don’t want to take this very risky surgery. I tried Oral Chelation for a trial and wait-and-see. My doctors no longer want me to have surgery.”
— M.H., Oceanside, CA

“I just had my yearly complete physical check-up and I find after using Enhanced Oral Chelation for a year, my total cholesterol is down 20 points and well in an acceptable range — also blood pressure and heart rate is very satisfactory.”
— Leslie G., Venice, FL

“Enhanced Oral Chelation has lessened the numbness of my legs. It has also erased the liver and age spots from my body.”
— Vick S., Anaheim, CA

“We began taking the Enhanced Oral Chelation in April 2003, and have seen a big improvement in our eyesight, recovery from paralysis that was due to chemical poisoning, and general well being and ability to concentrate. Thank you so much!”
— Bill & Jo I., Palm Bay, FL 

Joan M. of Houston, Texas used to suffer from insomnia. Now, she says, “I sleep like a baby; spider veins going away; no more ringing in the ears. I am never tired; my day starts at 5:00 a.m.; lots of energy.”

“When I used to get up I could not make a fist because of joint pain. Enhanced Oral Chelation stopped all the pain and now I can make a fist. I’ve noticed that my eyesight has improved tremendously.”
— Bobby S., Browns Summit, NC

“Excellent product! It has helped me return to full health after a major surgery.”
— Sandra F., Chatsworth, CA 

“My memory has improved, and my joints and cartilage functions have increased. Now I can walk, swim and ride my bike. Thanks for a fine product and keep up the good work!”
— Donald R., Little Ferry, NJ 

“I found out from the doctor I had blood sugar problems and also had a touch of joint pain. But taking Oral Chelation, no pain and my blood sugar is staying in the range close to where it should be.”
— Robert H., Lennon, MI 

“I have an enlarged prostate. After beginning to take the capsules for about a week, it seemed that some of my problems lessened. Now that is the main reason that I am continuing to take Oral Chelation.”
— James J., Elkins, WV

“Since using Oral Chelation, the varicose veins have decreased and sometimes disappeared.”
— Jacqueline B., Perris, CA

“It has made me feel like 20 years old again. Truly a miracle product!”
— Robert P., Woodsville, NH

“My memory seems to have improved, my blood pressure count is less, and I don’t have to take an aspirin every day. I’m sleeping better.”
— Theresa S., Barnegat, NJ 

My files are full to overflowing with documented success stories and unqualified praise like this...

Almost every day, we get more letters from Enhanced Oral Chelation users who
are absolutely thrilled and amazed that Enhanced Oral Chelation is working for them. Fact is, I could fill more than 75 typewritten pages with amazing success stories just like these.

For example:

Henry W. of Barnett, Missouri says, “Enhanced Oral Chelation dropped my blood pressure 30 points in only two weeks!”

Elmer Y. of Ludington, Michigan writes, “After a month of using Enhanced Oral Chelation, I had a sediment in my urine, which was plaque coming from me. About three weeks later, another check showed considerable less plaque. My shortness of breath was lessened also.”

Robert B. of Paramount, California tells us that he was suffering chest pains before trying Enhanced Oral Chelation. “Now,” he says, “I have no pain.”

Regal L. of La Luz, New Mexico is thrilled with the results Enhanced Oral Chelation has produced for a friend saying, “He is about 95% back from severe memory loss.”

80-year-old Hurschel R. of Jonesboro, Arkansas writes, “Since I have been taking Oral Chelation, I can tell my eyes have gotten better and I can read lots of things without wearing glasses.”

Carole D. of Hornell, New York wanted us to know that, “Your chelation dissolved my kidney stone in 21 days!”

Emilia K. of Los Angeles wrote to tell us, “My irregular heartbeat is also improved.”

Alice F. of Marysville, Ohio is delighted: “I had an ulcer on my leg and it went away after taking chelation,” she says.

John M. of Clarissa, Minnesota has bronchitis and was using it twice a day as well as an inhaler. His experience: “Now after four months on Oral Chelation, I use no nebulizer or inhaler and breathe and feel good.”

And Wendy K. of Troy, Tennessee writes, “I feel renewed and full of energy. Oral Chelation is GREAT!”

Can you name a single product that can boast of successes like these?

...For pennies a day?
...Without negative side effects?

Bill W. of Garland, Texas was admitted to emergency about 10 times in 21 months — seven times for breathing difficulties and three times to get his heart rhythm back to normal.

Bill wrote to tell us, “I have felt good and not even close to having to go back to the hospital since May 2002. My angina is almost 100% gone, heart arrhythmia about 80% corrected, breathing is 20% to 30% better, blood pressure is down to 120 over 68 [and] cholesterol is down from about 250 to 185.”

Before he discovered Enhanced Oral Chelation, Todd M. of Phoenix, Arizona was in fair shape, with a blood pressure reading of 130/85.

Now, Todd says, “I have been taking Oral Chelation in excess of a year and my blood pressure is now 110/60. My heart rate (resting) has dropped from 80 to 65, and I have fewer ‘floaters’ in my field of vision.”

Marge B. of Tonawanda, New York used to have dangerously high cholesterol levels — around 210.

Recently, she wrote to say, “I have just finished my third bottle of Enhanced Oral Chelation. I have my energy back. My cholesterol is now 163.”

Walter W. of Somers, Connecticut had suffered sexual dysfunction since his 50s and had tried several products claiming to restore sexual vitality and response.

Walter wrote us to say, “I have been taking Enhanced Oral Chelation for nearly a year and I’ve noticed some significant changes. In the last month or so I have been experiencing almost nightly erections, something I haven’t done in a long time. It can only be your Enhanced Oral Chelation that has brought this to happen.”

Mrs. Harry M. of Martinsburg, West Virginia was suffering from trouble with her sciatic nerve, severe lower back pain, and right leg pain.

“But thanks to you,” she says, “it is so much better in these few weeks we have been taking Enhanced Oral Chelation.”