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Passing a Piss Test
How to Pass a THC, Marijuana, Cocaine, Alcohol Piss Drug Test

There are several ways to pass a piss test: doping the sample to interfere with the detection method, screens that hide drugs in the sample, substitute

clean urine, flushing your system to dilute metabolite concentrations in the urine, and if you fail a piss test you should deny drug use and refute the validity of the results.

We sell our Instant additive Randomizer that will react with metabolites in the sample and interfere with drug detection. You simply pour the additive into the sample before it is submitted.

Quick Flush Herbal Tea, sold here, contains all the ingredients normally. Flushing and cleansing products like Quick Flush Capsules and the Carbo Cleansing Shakes help rinse the urinary tract, contain compounds to maintain the specific gravity of the urine sample, and other compounds to help the body release metabolites and increase fluid intake.

We have all of the products you need to pass a urine, saliva or hair drug test. 
We even sell drug tests for any substance, so you can test yourself for as little as $3.95 each