Pass Saliva Drug Test

How to Pass a Saliva Drug Test Guaranteed!

Drug Testing Oral Fluids Detoxifying Mouth Wash for Mouth Swab Drug Tests

When you are faced with a oral or saliva drug test this is the product you need. This product is for those Random Saliva tests that are popped on you un-announced.

Passing an oral drug test has never been this simple before. Our Oral Fluids Detoxifier was Pass Saliva Drug Testsdeveloped as a detoxifying agent that works on the mouth quickly and lasts for about 1 hour. We have had outstanding results in the field to pass any saliva swab drug test. A true mouth wash that you rinse twice and feel confident about your drug test. Our permanent cleansing products will also prepare you for any saliva drug test in 2 - 10 days depending on your usage. You can always rely on our Oral Fluids Detoxifier products to give you the results you need. $29.95 EachBuy Saliva Mouth Wash

The Ultra Saliva Cleansing Kit
Kit includes : 1 Bottle of Detoxifying Mouth Wash
                   1 Quick Flush Herbal Tea
                   1 Urine Test Kit of your choice
                   1 I Screen Oral Fluids Device (Oral Drug Test)

The Ultra Saliva Cleansing Kit works with the bodies physiological processes to your advantage in passing Oral type Drug Tests. We use our Quick Flush Herbal Tea or our Quick Flush Herbal Capsules to cleanse the blood system, making that system of the body free of toxins. Then after a short time (4 or 5 urinations), the tea or the Quick Capsules also cleanses the urinary tract, and that system will also be toxin free. Once the blood and urine  have been cleaned, the Saliva will also be clean. We provide a urine drug test (IScreen dip type) substance of your choice, so you will know when to expect your saliva to be clean. Next is the Salivation processes to clean up. Once the blood system and the urinary tract are free of toxins, you can safely go take your oral test. Just the do the mouth wash abour 5 - 10 minutes prior to your time. This is a complete body fluids flush.

Complete instructions included..

Ultra Saliva Cleansing Kit: Includes 1 bottle of our Detoxifying Mouth Wash. 1 Box of our Quick Flush Herbal Tea or 1 Bottle of our Quick Flush Herbal Capsules. 1 IScreen Urine drug test kit of your choice. 1 IScreen Oral Fluids Device (6 Panel oral drug test). Complete instructions.  $63.00 Each Ultra Saliva Cleansing Kit

Our Oral Fluids Detoxifier Mouth Wash Solution is sold with a full 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! All you have to do is follow the simple instructions and a guaranteed passing result will be achieved. This includes all EMIT and GC/MS confirmation drug tests preformed by drug testing labs.

INSTRUCTIONS for Mouth Wash only:
Up to 60 minutes before you desire to be clean.
Put 1/4 of the
Oral Fluids Detoxifier in your mouth and swish it around for 3 minutes. Spit out the fluid. Put another 1/4 of the Oral Fluids Detoxifier in your mouth and swish it around for 3 minutes. Do not swallow unless you have to. Just before you go in repeat the above step and use 5 breath fresheners or mints of your choice. Our Products conform to the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) 2091 for weight and meet (USP) 2040 for disintegration for maximum bioavailability.

This product is not intended for use on lawfully administered drug tests and is to be used in accordance with all federal and state laws.


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