Testimonials from our Customers

Jan 10. 2007

I used your Total Body Detox system....
> I just wanted to say thank you and that I passed my physical. I am now
> able to get into this Union and that I passed my test.
> Thanks!!!!


Your product is amazing - I smoke everyday. It is always Chronic and your stuff worked in an hour. My boss new I was dirty but couldn't prove it - ha ha ha ha


I would like to thank you for making a product that people can trust and rely on. I have used many different approaches to passing a drug test and failed maybe half of them. I have now used your Eliminator on five occasions and passed every time. I am now off of the Mans rules and I owe it all to your company. Thank again Kevin W.


I used your Total Detox Kit because I didn't know the day of the test. I had to wait for 6 days after finishing the kit. I had my doubts because of the wait. But to my surprise I passed and now have my dream job.


I used your products back when you advertised in High Times, maybe about 10 years ago. I have used a couple of other products since then and failed every test I took. It was very good to know when I found you on the Internet that you were still around. Next test you will get a call from me. Thanks for being there


Used your Randomizer it has worked every time, I have used for over 2 years without failure. That product is killer. Brad H.


May 25, 2007

My sister failed her test for a job about a month ago. Our parents flipped completely out on this. She used something she bought at a head shop in Vegas. She said it tasted nasty. I told her about you guys and she just passed her retake test. Our parents are very relieved and my sister says thanks a million.

C Sparks


I was shaking so bad when I went in to take my test. I just knew I was going to fail even after taking the Quick Tea. My shaking was so obvious that the lady asked me if I was OK. After a week went by and not hearing anything about my test results and my nerves were litterally falling part, I asked my boss when would I hear. He said Oh I forgot to tell you but you were negative with a O (zero). I almost fell over.


Thank you very, very much
Lori S.


What's with the foot pads? I did the Detox for 8 days. Every morning the most stinky stuff I have ever smelled came out of my feet. It smelled like burnt barbeque sauce or something at first then it changed to smell like cigarettes and I don't smoke ciggs. None the less I passed my test and I think I feel better than in a long time. More energy and less night sweats. Dudes your the greatest but what's up with those pads?

Kelly A.


June 4, 2007

We are very thankful for your company and the employees you have. They are honest and told us what we needed to know. After smoking for over 35 years we didn't think we had a chance in hell of passing a drug test. Neither of us had ever had to take a drug test as we are in Management. But our company decided it was only fair to all employees across the board. The Total Detox program did the job with excellent results. 17 upper management failed their tests and are now looking for a new job but not us.

Thanks again,
2 old hippies