Toxin Wash Detox Shampoo

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       *Please Read and Understand These Directions


Pre-treating the hair before using Toxin Wash shampoo is an important step in getting the best results for hair detoxification. The pretreatment steps outlined below help remove residues from hair care products and environmental pollutants that coat the hair and would impede the absorption capability of the Toxin Wash shampoo.  You will need the following pretreatment materials:

• 1 Gallon of Distilled Water (Be sure the label says distilled). Distilled water is available in any grocery store and should not cost more than $2.00 for a gallon. If you have long hair, you may want to pick up an additional gallon of distilled water.

• Distilled Vinegar (Be sure the label says distilled). There are a few different types of vinegar available, and it really does not matter the type you use, as long as it is distilled. Most common distilled vinegar’s we recommend are white and/or apple cider vinegar.     

• Dishwashing Liquid (NOT the detergent you would use for an automatic dishwasher, but the liquid dishwashing soap you would use if you were washing dishes by hand) – This is OPTIONAL and should only be used by those who use heavy amounts of hair care products, especially hair waxes. If you just use a small amount of gel, mousse, or hair spray each day, you will not need to do the dishwashing liquid step.

PRETREATMENT STEPS: - OPTIONAL Dishwashing Liquid Pretreatment Step: OPTIONAL (Read below)

Note: This step is only necessary for those that use heavy amounts of hair care products each day and mandatory if you use hair waxes.

1. Wet hair with luke warm water. It is ok to use regular tap water from your shower for this step.

 2. Apply a generous amount of liquid dishwashing soap to your hair (NOT the detergent you would use for an automatic dishwasher, but the liquid dishwashing soap you would use if you were washing dishes by hand). The

3. Detergent in dishwashing soap is much stronger than that of any shampoo. It will not damage your hair but will completely strip any thick layers of hair care product residue and accumulated pollutants from your hair.

4. Rinse hair with luke warm tap water.

Mandatory Pretreatment Step: Distilled Vinegar Wash and Distilled Water Rinse

• Take the distilled vinegar and apply to your hair until your hair is completely absorbed with vinegar. Distilled vinegar is slightly acidic so be sure to keep it out of your eyes. Let sit for 3 minutes in your hair.

• Using the distilled water (not tap water); thoroughly rinse out the vinegar from your hair.

IMPORTANT NOTES BEFORE USING TOXIN WASH SHAMPOO: • The TOXIN WASH bottle you received contains 4 oz. of shampoo. Toxin Wash is very concentrated and potent!

• If your hair length is long and below your shoulder line, you should use 2 oz’s of shampoo per wash (which is the whole 4oz. bottle - 2 oz for initial wash and 2 oz. for the second repeat wash.). However be aware that your hair and scalp will become extremely dry and some skin flaking may occur.

• Toxin Wash is a permanent cleanse and not a masking agent. However, if you still have toxins in your blood stream, it can still grow into your new hair that has grown after you used the product. Also, perspiration from the scalp that touches the hair can cause recontamination.

For this reason, it is highly recommended using TOXIN WASH on the day of your test.

• The toxins you are removing from your hair may still be in your body. These toxins are excreted through the skin via perspiration. The perspiration can reabsorb into the hair after the cleansing and re-contaminate the hair.

• While it is impossible for you to totally control how much you perspire, do your best to stay cool after using the shampoo to avoid recontamination. Try to stay in an air-conditioned environment or one that is not to too hot. Again, much of this depends on the situation your in, and may not be totally in your control. However, do your best to stay cool!

• VERY IMPORTANT - after the treatment, be sure not to touch your hair with anything that had touched it before the treatment. This includes hairbrushes AND hats that were worn previously. Always use clean towels when drying your hair after treatment.

• We recommend not using hair care products after treatment. Hair care product will seal the hair strand and may trap some remaining toxin metabolites. If you absolutely NEED to use hair care products afterwards, be sure to use only small amounts.

• Lastly, TOXIN WASH is potent! You may experience some scalp tingling, skin flaking and dryness after use. Do not let this alarm you; you may use a hair conditioner to treat the dryness, but only AFTER your test. Avoid using hair care products after the treatment if possible. If your hands appear dry from applying the product, using hand lotion will help moisturize.


 1. After the pretreatment distilled vinegar application and distilled water rinse described above, apply 1 oz. of Toxin Wash to your hair (apply 2 oz’s if your hair is below your shoulder line). Work the shampoo well into your hair with your fingertips for 10-15 minutes, starting at the base of the hair on your scalp working towards the ends.

 2. Rinse thoroughly with distilled water (not tap water).

3. Repeat step 1

 4. Repeat step 2

 5. Comb out (with a new brush or comb) and let hair dry


If you need to detox body hair, you should follow all the same steps above as you would for the hair on your head. If using Toxin Wash on underarm hair, you should include the dishwasher liquid soap pretreatment step. The reason for this is underarm deodorant can leave heavy reside on underarm hair, and the liquid dishwashing soap step is necessary to remove this residue.

Please be sure to read and understand these directions before calling the customer service number with questions. If you have pertinent questions, which are not answered in these directions, please call 1-513-422-1100.